My work

During the many years I have worked freelance, I have written for the broadsheet/quality press (including Guardian, Independent, Telegraph); for the Daily Mirror; for lifestyle magazines (for example, Fabulous, the Sun on Sunday's magazine); for the BBC and Channel 4 websites; for NCT's web-based information centre on pregnancy, birth and parenting. I have also written for a number of businesses, for PR companies, for local and national government departments, including the NHS. I have written and edited reports, campaign materials, scripts and commentaries.  I am the author of several books. I volunteer as a writer for Cochrane, the international network of researchers dedicated to independent, evidence-based health care. I compile plain language summaries of published research

Not all of my work is online. My output of published words, in one form or another, has been huge - I have been working for well over 35 years, so it should be!

I have edited a number of small magazines and newsletters, and in particular, I was the writer in a small team who developed a very well-received series of newsletters for parents, called Baby Express.  Baby Express was designed as a social intervention, supporting new parents in specific areas. The impact of Baby Express was researched in a randomised controlled trial and was then sold to parent support charity Best Beginnings.